Long Term Disability

We are pleased to announce the availability of (3) New Simplified Issue, Disability Insurance Programs through Principal Financial. These programs are available for all ICF members and their employees in all states. Principal Financial is a leading global financial institution that has been serving the insurance needs of individuals, business owners and their employees since 1879. Principal Financial serves more than 13 million businesses, individuals and institutional customers worldwide. Visit www.principal.com for more information about this industry leader.

Overviews of these plans include:

Policies are Individual, Guaranteed Renewable & Non-Cancelable! Premiums are guaranteed and level to age 65, the coverage cannot be cancelled or the policy definitions changed as long as premiums are paid. Modified Own Occupation definitions are available on all contracts!

Please see Specimen Contracts for:

Because these policies are ALL being offered on a Simplified Issue basis, all applicants under age 50 do not have to provide blood, urine, EKG’s or APS’s. Moreover, there are NO financial documentation requirements, unless you wish to purchase the DBO. The Simplified Issue benefit limits on these products are up to $10,000 of monthly Individual LTD benefit and up to $25,000 of additional monthly Overhead Expense benefit.

Your income is your most valuable asset. Protecting your income allows you to continue to enjoy what it pays for ... your home, your cars, your food, college tuition and vacations ... from now until the day you retire. Individual disability income insurance is the protection you need to help you maintain your lifestyle and protect your family's future if you should become too sick or hurt to work.

If you are a business owner, the potential of a disability poses a triple threat:

Long-Term Care Insurance is a sophisticated product, therefore we ask that you please click on the LTD quote link and fill out as much information as possible. Our office will then contact you to review your case so as to custom tailor your proposals personally. We will then send you an email containing your FREE quotes and explain the application process.

Thank you.



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